17 Sad Movies on Disney Plus In Germany that Will Surely Make You Cry in 2023 (2023)

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Nobody wants to be sad but let’s be honest, sometimes we do urge the feeling of getting the real emotions. In these tough times, good cry therapy is a must to nurture your emotions.We have compiled a list of the 17 best sad movies on Disney Plus in Germany that will definitely make you emotional. It may surprise you, but superhero movies can also be sad. Avengers: Endgame is one of the saddest superhero movies. I recommend you to watch Marvel movies chronologically and X men movies in order of release to be able to appreciate both the sad and the superhero aspects.

Best Sad Movies on Disney Plus in Germany

1- Inside Out (2015)

Genre: Animation,Adventure

IMDB: 8.1/10

Director: Pete Docter,Ronnie Del Carmen

Stars: Amy Poehler,Bill Hader,Lewis Black

Runtime: 1h 35m

If you have some bittersweet feelings about a short, sweet, and captivating film then we highly recommend streaming Inside Out on Disney Plus.

This Academy Award winner Pixar film is one of the best-animated flicks ever made. Inside Out explores the working of a little girl mind named Riley, and how her emotions, including Joy, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger, control her actions.

Inside Out makes into our list of must-watch sad movies available on Disney Plus in Germany because it lets you experience what the girl’s emotions go through when she moves to a new place and face difficulty accepting the new state.

2- Bambi (1942)

Genre: Animation,Drama,Family

IMDB: 7.3/10

Director: James Algar,Samuel Armstrong

Stars: Hardie Albright,Stan Alexander,Bobette Audrey

Runtime: 1h 10m

This movie is the quintessential sad movie that is considered one of the emotional and saddest Disney movies ever made.

Bambi is a movie about a young fawn growing up in a jungle who has chosen to become the next prince whilst at the threat of losing his loved ones to dangerous hunters.

The movie beautifully explores the theme of loss and child separation from parents. No other movie has come even closer in terms of projecting emotions.

3- Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

IMDB: 7.9/10

Director: Tim Burton

Stars: Johnny Depp,Winona Ryder,Dianne Wiest

Runtime: 1h 45m

Tim Burton’s ability to captivate the audience of all ages with the magical modern fairytales story is astounding. The captivated performances of Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder are just a cherry on this 1990 masterpiece.

Edward is a synthetic man with scissor hands, living an isolated life due to his peculiarity. His life changes when a kind suburban lady invites him into her life and community.

A feeling of loneliness and a dire need for human companionship will surely make you go extremely emotional.

4- Coco (2017)

Genre: Animation,Adventure,Family

IMDB: 8.4/10

Director: Lee Unkrich,Adrian Molina

Stars: Anthony Gonzalez,Gael García Bernal,Benjamin Bratt

Runtime: 1h 45m

It would be a crime not to include Coco when talking about sad movies in Germany.

Coco is a story about a young boy who is compelled to hide this musical talent due to his family’s ban on music. One day he goes to the mausoleum of his favorite singer and accidentally ends up at the land of the dead, where he finds a secret that can end the music ban on his family.

Be prepared to get teary-eyed throughout the film and have tear-jerk on the dialogue “Remember Me”.

We have also listed some pitch-perfect animated family movies that are full of adventures.

5- Up (2009)

Genre: Animation,Adventure

IMDB: 8.2/10

Director: Pete Docter,Bob Peterson

Stars: Edward Asner,Jordan Nagai,John Ratzenberger

Runtime: 1h 36m

What seems like a love story of childhood lovers takes a tragic turn that will make you extremely emotional for days.

Carl and Ellie meet each other as children and soon the love blossom. They get married and are ready to live happily after but soon their life rapidly changes when they find that they cannot have a child of their own and Carl has to go through another tragedy when Ellie dies of a terminal disease. However, Carl finds a reason to live by making his home airship with hundreds of balloons that he promised to Ellie.

The feeling of loneliness and finding hope to live will feel like a punch in the gut.

6- Avengers Endgames (2019)

Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama

IMDB: 8.4/10

Director: Anthony Russo,Joe Russo

Stars: Robert Downey Jr.,Chris Evans,Mark Ruffalo

Runtime: 3h 3m

The saddest was expected in this movie after the disastrous events of Avenger’s Infinity War.

After Thanos wiped out half of the population, the Avengers team up to reverse the events ‘whatever it takes.’ While watching the film, get ready to encounter a number of emotional events and prepare to say goodbye to some of your favourite MCU characters.

Get a box of tissue ready for the grief at the start of the movie and the gut-wrenching ending.

7- Big Hero Six 9 (2014)

Genre: Animation,Action,Adventure

IMDB: 7.8/10

Director: Don Hall,Chris Williams

Stars: Ryan Potter,Scott Adsit,Jamie Chung

Runtime: 1h 42m

Big Hero Six has moments of grief that will definitely cause eyes to well up.

Hiro Hamada a teenage boy builds an inflatable healthcare robot named Baymax to avenge who comforts Hiro by giving warm hugs at the time of tragedy.

This movie has funny moments but the sadness and grief will surely hit you hard.

8- Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Genre: Adventure, Drama

IMDB: 7.0/10

Director: Duwayne Dunham

Stars: Michael J. Fox,Sally Field,Don Alder

Runtime: 1h 24m

This 1993 classic, based on Sheila Burnfod’s novel, is one of the best Disney movies about feelings.

When the owner of three pets goes on holiday, the pets feel abandoned and embark on the journey to reunite with their owner.

The passion, love, and constant suspense will keep you connected with the movie.

9- Toy Story 3 (2010)

Genre: Animation,Adventure,Comedy

IMDB: 8.2/10

Director: Lee Unkrich

Stars: Tom Hanks,Tim Allen,Joan Cusack

Runtime: 1h 43m

If you have been following the first two installments of the franchise then Toy Story 3 is going to make you cry even as an adult due to attached emotions with the characters.

When the Toy gang is accidentally sent to the daycare in the absence of now 17-year-old Andy. When the gang finds out that Andy never wants to get rid of them, Woody, Alan with the rest of the gang embarks on a homecoming journey.

10- Old yeller (1957)

Genre: Adventure,Drama,Family

IMDB: 7.3/10

Director: Robert Stevenson

Stars: Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk

Runtime: 1h 23m

Old Yeller is an ideal dog lovers movie with a miserable ending that it is suggested to show to kids, which is one of the saddest Disney movies.

It is a period film set in 1860s Texas that tells a story of a young boy Travis who finds a stray dog on his family’s ranch that is beloved by the whole family. But soon, Travis finds out about the dog’s deadly virus.

The emotions of losing someone you love make it the most beloved sad movie in Disney movies.

In case you’re looking for family-friendly movies to stream, then look no further! We’ve created this list of best family movies to help make your decision easier.

11- Hamilton (2020)

Genre: Biography,Drama,History

IMDB: 8.5/10

Director: Thomas Kail

Stars: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Leslie Odom Jr.

Runtime: 2h 40m

The dramatic real-life story of Alexander Hamilton will surely manage you to well up.

Hamilton is a historical musical adaptation of Alexander Hamilton’s career, one of America’s founding fathers. The film covers every aspect of Hamilton’s life and career from his arrival to New York and the journey of becoming the first United States Secretary of Treasury to his affairs, his son’s death, and his own death.

The tragic life events of Hamilton will surely force you to grab a box of tissues.

12- Togo (2019)

Genre: Adventure,Biography,Drama

IMDB: 8.0/10

Director: Ericson Core

Stars: Willem Dafoe,Julianne Nicholson,Christopher Heyerdahl

Runtime: 1h 54m

Togo is one of the well-made sad movies on Disney that is highly recommended to have a good cry.

Inspired by the real life of Leonhard Seppala, where he adopts a Siberian husky, Togo, who is considered a slacker. The story tells about how Leonhard figures out Togo’s true potential and trains him to lead the 1925 serum run.

This timeless tale is filled with emotions, passion, and faith that will definitely make you well up.

13- The Fox and the Hound (1981)

Genre: Animation,Adventure,Drama

IMDB: 7.3/10

Director: Ted Berman,Richard Rich

Stars: Mickey Rooney,Kurt Russell,Pearl Bailey

Runtime: 1h 23m

The film tells the story of two friends a hound dog and a fox who drifts apart as adults after discovering that their species are nemeses of each other. In an attempt to reestablishing their friendship, the two friends must go through an ultimate test.

The helplessness of losing your best friend and continuous efforts to keep the friendship alive despite the unlikely events make this film one of the best Disney movies about emotions.

14- Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Genre: Animation,Adventure,Comedy

IMDB: 7.3/10

Director: Dean DeBlois,Chris Sanders

Stars: Daveigh Chase,Chris Sanders,Tia Carrere

Runtime: 1h 25m

A young orphaned girl Lilo, adopts a dog (Stitch) from a local pound and later found out that it is a mischievous alien.

The Stitch’s willingness to go home and Lilo’s attempt of keeping him will drive you on a roller coaster of emotion.

15- Moana (2016)

Genre: Animation, Adventure

IMDB: 7.6/10

Director: Ron Clements,John Musker

Stars: Auli’i Cravalho,Dwayne Johnson,Rachel House

This Oscar-nominated animated film has several tear-jerking moments.

Runtime: 1h 38m

In an attempt the save her people from the curse, Moana sails on a heroic mission to seek out the Demigod Maui who incurs the curse.

The emotion of losing a loved one and the courage of a teenager are beautifully portrayed in the film.

16- Wall-E (2008)

Genre: Animation,Adventure,Family

IMDB: 8.4/10

Director: Andrew Stanton

Stars: Ben Burtt,Elissa Knight,Jeff Garlin

Runtime: 1h 38m

In the distant future, a waste-collecting robot performing his duty for hundreds of years alone on the planet unintentionally goes on a journey across the universe that will decide the fate of mankind. It is one of the best sad movies to stream on Disney Plus in Germany.

17- Bao (2018)

Genre: Animation,Short,Family

IMDB: 7.5/10

Director: Domee Shi

Stars: Sindy Lau,Daniel Kai Lin,Sharmaine Yeoh

Runtime: 8m

Bao is a short sweet and lovely representation of motherhood with some invested emotions.

The story is about a lonely woman suffering from empty nest syndrome who gets another chance at motherhood the dumplings she made come alive.

The feeling of loss, guilt and the twist will literally keep you gasping for a while.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have got the list. So, grab a box of tissue and start binge-watching these amazing sad movies on Disney Plus in Germany to experience the roller coaster of emotions.

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